For anyone who’s ever worked in a restaurant, they’ll agree that being unprepared to

properly serve hungry guests can be embarrassing and frustrating – especially

when it’s impossible to quickly remedy the situation.  This is especially true when it comes

to food prep. Running out of a popular menu item or side dish during the peak of a Friday

night dinner rush is never a positive situation.  Most importantly, it negatively affects

the guest experience – and puts customers at risk of never coming back.

The well-known motto of the Boy Scouts of America, “Be Prepared”, is an appropriate

slogan for restaurant kitchen managers too. For restaurants, setting yourself up for

success on a consistent basis requires the diligent practice of some basic kitchen

fundamentals.  Here are a few of the basic systems to ensure your kitchen is always

prepared to operate consistently and predictably regardless of how busy you are.

Following these basic fundamentals reduces chaos and promotes consistency.

How many of these does your kitchen manager use?